If your business is online, but you’re not excited about the way things are going, there are some things you should consider. For example, you may not be doing enough to get traffic to your website. И… If you only give information to friends, acquaintances and family members, it makes sense to see bad statistics. The fact is that in order to develop your online business, both in terms of statistics and revenue, you need readers who are very interested in what you write, share and promote on your website. And how do you win such a readership? Answer: via the compressed page. In this post I will explain what Through Page is, why you need it and how to use it for your website.

Internet marketing is a little more complicated. You won’t get anywhere with a website that’s only aimed at people you know. After all, these people may not even be part of your target group, which means that you don’t really make money from them if you visit your site and increase your traffic statistics. There are many ways to sell your business online, as explained in section of this article about entrepreneurs. But how do you get the right target group for these marketing efforts? You can do this with smart links via email, and creating a shortened page is one of the most useful ways to capture these links.

Most common reason for lack of information:

You may have taken all the necessary marketing measures and the number of visitors you receive during the day can be quite impressive, but something may still be missing. I’m not talking about clues. This is a rather peculiar situation where the traffic on your website is not a problem at all, but you do not generate any indication, and only one person is responsible.

Want to guess where the wine is? Your website! It’s true, your marketing efforts can be good, and your products and services can be good. On the contrary, there may be something wrong with the design and architecture of your website, and you should fix it as soon as possible.

Maybe it was easy to understand why there are no tracks, but now you might wonder why: What should I do to improve these bad statistics?

No, I won’t force you to redo the whole website. That decision is entirely up to you. There is an easier way to generate these leads. Yeah, you heard the right side’s easier. And this: the building. The pages are compressed.

Read the compressed pages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squeeze_page.

What is a compressed page?

Before going into the details of these pages, what they mean and how they were created, it is useful for me to start by explaining what they really are and what they do.

Example of a page to be compressed

A compressed page is a web page whose purpose is to collect and aggregate visitors’ contact information, where e-mail addresses are the most important part of the information, and other information, such as name and age, is optional. In short, this site encourages your visitors to become subscribers, which will be very important in the future.

If it reminds you of the landing pages, it should. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely identical. There’s an important difference. While we can create clickable landing pages, watch videos, or encourage other forms of user interaction, we create specially designed compression pages to collect these email addresses so that you can talk to a potential supervisor later. I think you’re aware of the importance of e-mail marketing.

Of course, you should not inadvertently collect email addresses. It would not be very effective and it would not help to achieve the desired goal. What I’m trying to say is that your compression site and the email addresses you collect should be part of a well thought-out plan, or better yet, a well thought-out marketing funnel. So keep this in mind, because the marketing funnel is extremely important to support the compression of your page by addressing the right people and generating leads.

Why do you need a compression page on your website?

Now, if you really don’t know why it’s important to create a compressed page and how it differs from the target page, I recommend that you read this Guide to Page Compression, which explains not only this difference in detail, but also the process of creating the perfect compressed page for your website. As far as its importance is concerned, I think you’ve already understood why it’s an element that you absolutely must include on your website, especially if you have conversion problems.

As I explained above, this marketing tool allows you to collect the email addresses of your potential customers. If you have a carefully designed marketing funnel, the people who leave their information will be closest to their customers. That’s your final destination, isn’t it? But there are also people who are a bit closer, but they’re still not there, so they might need a little push, and that’s where it shows how important it is to compress the page.

They leave their email address and you have to give them the last push in the right direction so that they become your customers and ultimately your loyal customers. By emailing them and communicating your views, you let them know that they are important and that you may have something amazing to offer that will address their pain points. And when people see that their pain point has been reversed, they have to look for products and services that can offer a solution. None of this would have been possible if these same people hadn’t been pressured to provide their information and give you an easy way to contact them.

When should I use a compressed page?

Everything that has been said so far may lead you to believe that this is a tool that is only used occasionally, perhaps if you have no other options, but this is far from true. In fact, page compression should ALWAYS, and I mean always, be used. It’s no exaggeration. It is a technique that can really have a huge impact on your transformation if you just learn how to use it correctly and of course how to design it correctly.

How do I create a compressed page? Step by step

Like I said, you need to learn how to make this page right, and you need some tips on how to do it. If you thought it would be a piece of cake, because all those compressed pages you’ve seen look so simple, you’re probably mistaken. There is strength in simplicity, but that simplicity must be fascinating and well done to be strong. To be honest, you can’t do it in your sleep.

It all sounds so simple, but making a compression page takes a lot of effort and thinking to make it effective and successful. And I think that’s true, because no one really goes into a case determined by failure. We all want to succeed, but only the best of us know how, and now you will learn. No, I’m not gonna give great advice and business ideas. I’m just gonna teach you how to make a compressed page that fades. (read more)

Step 1) Having a hard to refuse offer.

No wonder it all starts with a perfect offer. This is probably something you could have concluded yourself, since people rarely intend to give their information only for a free and random offer. They want something precious in return, and you have to offer them something so tempting that they can’t give it up. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just copy what someone else did.

Every good offer starts with addressing the sensitive issues of your future customers. In other words: They need to know what they want and what they need to be able to offer exactly what they want. Too many people make the mistake of offering something to their audience just because they believe that people like to get something for free and agree to get it just because they don’t have to pay for it. That can’t be further from the truth.

Although people like to get things for free, they don’t really want to leave their information to get something that isn’t in their interest and doesn’t affect their pain points at all. So try to think carefully about the needs of your audience so that you can make them an offer they can’t refuse. It’s your first step.

Step. 2) Create a murderous title

Your next step is the headline, of course. I think we’re all aware of the importance of headlines. It is the first thing your visitors will read, and it may also be the last thing they will read. So don’t forget to create a shock title so that you don’t lose any visitors before they’ve had a chance to take an interest in your offer.

Step 3) Making a large secondary copy of

The second copy may not be as important as the title, but it is also very important. This is the part where you give more information to people who are attracted to the headlines. This is where you’ll seal the deal.

Step 4). Conclude with a call for bulletproof action

The last step, of course, is to create a bulletproof call to action. This is an extremely important part that requires a few big trigger words, like Conquer this business now! In fact, there may be many other catchy trigger words that can increase your chances of transformation. Share the test and see what works for you. И… Don’t forget that the right color scheme is also important, apart from these trigger words.

What is your experience with compressed pages?

How do you collect leads on your website? Which tips and tricks are right for you? И… What experiences have you had with compressed pages? Please share your thoughts with us.

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