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You’re looking to maximize your business growth with little effort? Then, discover the journey of Sendlane, one of the fastest-growing businesses that achieved incredible success by taking thoughtful decision and implementing unique tactics.

From their humble beginnings to scaling their customer base to 7K and generating $7.1M in revenue, find out how they did it!


This case study is the remarkable success story of Sendlane, an automated email and marketing automation platform. Founded in 2018, Sendlane hit $7.1M in revenue with over 7K customers in just four years. This detailed article explores how this Ohio startup achieved such rapid growth and massive success.

Sendlane is the brainchild of three childhood friends — Michael Deeter, Zachary Schnitzer and Curtis Maynard — who wanted to make it easier for businesses to engage their customers through personalized email campaigns. With years of experience in the digital marketing industry, they soon saw a need for an automated email platform to take customer engagement to the next level.

By combining a simple user experience with powerful automation tools, Sendlane became essential for businesses worldwide. Today it is used by leading brands like Lululemon, Under Armour and Skechers to engage their customers more effectively globally.

In this article we look at how Sendlane made its mark on the digital marketing world by focusing on customer engagement and creating a unique product that solves real problems marketers face today. We also review their strategy for scaling quickly to reach over 7K customers worldwide. Finally, we discuss how they continue growing rapidly despite market trends favouring larger competitors like MailChimp and GetResponse.

Sendlane’s Background

Sendlane, founded by Zubair and Amar Sawlani in 2016, is an AI-powered marketing automation platform that enables ecommerce merchants and digital marketers to personalize the customer journey. The company offers its clients a full suite of services including web push notifications, automated email workflow campaigns, multi-touch triggered campaigns, CRM integration and retargeting campaigns. As of 2021, Sendlane’s services are used by more than 7K customers from over 100+ countries worldwide with total annual revenue reaching $7.1M.

Sendlane’s journey to success was not without challenges. After launching their product in 2016 with a small development team and limited resources to reach potential customers in the early days, Sendlane faced several obstacles to scaling and onboarding new users. To overcome these challenges and accelerate growth and revenue, they invested heavily in sales & marketing initiatives which gained them traction as well as quickly established them as market leader in the industry they operate. In addition, they focused on improving their products offering with advanced features like automated segmentation based on user behavior so that customers can create personalized experiences for each visitor or subscriber of their websites or emails.

By 2022 Sendlane has achieved great success with strong YOY growths quadrupling revenue each year while maintaining very low churn rates among its customer base – a true testament to their excellent product offerings and high quality customer service service delivery standards set up since day one.

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How Sendlane hit $7.1M Revenue with 7K customers in 2022.

Sendlane, an email marketing automations platform, was founded in 2012 to make it easier for businesses to build relationships with their customers. By 2022, Sendlane had grown to 7K customers and achieved over $7.1M in revenue.

The success of Sendlane can be attributed to the company’sgrowth strategy based on three main pillars: customer-driven product development, setting aggressive goals, and embracing technology.

From the start, Sendlane’s priority has been creating a product that meets customer needs and fulfills their expectations. This means they have an active feedback system where they regularly collect data from existing customers and use it to improve or create new features.

Sendlane set aggressive but realistic revenue targets and customer acquisition rates to boost rapid growth. These metrics acted as signposts that enabled the team to stay on track with their growth strategy. Further, they devoted time towards analyzing which business tactics are working best so they can adjust accordingly if needed.

Finally, Sendlane leveraged automation tools like AI and machine learning algorithms to substantially reduce manual labor in areas such as customer care and email marketing campaigns, thus freeing up resources to actualize other aspects of their growth strategy like product development or marketing campaigns.. Combined with the two previous strategies Sendlane has seen remarkable growth since 2012 when it was founded.

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The Benefits of Sendlane’s Platform

Sendlane is a cloud-based customer engagement and marketing automation platform, designed to streamline processes and maximize customer relationships. With its comprehensive suite of tools, Sendlane allows businesses to better engage with their customers by building personalized, automated campaigns for email marketing, web development and social media.

Sendlane’s platform provides businesses with a wide range of benefits to help them build long-lasting relationships with their customers. The platform enables users to create and send personalized content, including email newsletters, behavioral triggers based on user activity, online surveys or polls and automated product recommendations. Furthermore, the platform also offers A/B testing capabilities to test the effectiveness of different campaigns before sending them out.

The platform also provides advanced analytics that enable businesses to better understand how customers interact with their content and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. For example, Sendlane’s tools enable organizations to analyze customer behavior across multiple channels such as email marketing campaigns or website pageviews. This helps them better understand who engages with their business, what content they are most interested in and how they respond.

These features have enabled Sendlane to hit its impressive $7M revenue milestone in 2022 while serving more than 7K customers globally within a short time. Additionally, by leveraging its advanced customer engagement solutions, Sendlane has been able significantly improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts for clients worldwide and make an incredible impact in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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The Challenges Faced by Sendlane

When Sendlane first set out to reach $7.1M in revenue with 7K customers in 2022, the company faced several challenges that needed to be addressed. As a fast-growing startup, Sendlane was dealing with increased scale demands and trying to optimize resources for maximum reach and engagement.

The team knew it had to focus on finding ways to help customers get the most out of their investment in the platform and find customers who would help accelerator growth. Additionally, the team had to find new channels and strategies for market saturation, acquire customers from different demographics, reduce operating costs, reduce customer churn rate and prioritize automation processes for scaling operations.

To stand out in the ever-evolving competitive landscape, Sendlane embarked on a two year journey doing extensive UX design and user research while introducing advanced automation tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). In addition, the team also implemented various loyalty incentives such as free trials to encourage users to signup for their services. With this combination of tactics, Sendlane was able to hit its ambitious target within 2 years from launch.

Key Takeaways from Sendlane’s Success

There’s no doubt that Sendlane had success in 2021, but what were the key takeaways from their success? Examining the strategies and tactics implemented by Sendlane can provide great insight for any organization attempting to hit a similar goal. Here are some of the things that helped lead to Sendlane’s remarkable growth:

1. Focus on customer success: Sendlane strongly emphasizes understanding their customers’ needs and creating products and services that would solve those problems. This enabled them to develop products that met their customers’ expectations and provided additional value beyond what they expected.

2. Segmentation and personalization: Sendlane created systems that enabled them to segment clients according to different criteria such as user profiles, purchase history, or demographics. This enabled them to tailor their marketing messages and campaigns to increase response rates and convert new leads into paying customers.

3. Leverage existing channels: By leveraging existing channels such as social media platforms, they could reach a wider audience faster than if they had used solely traditional marketing methods like print ads or radio spots. This allowed them to expand their customer base quickly while maintaining tight control over costs associated with customer acquisition.

4. Automate processes: To maximize efficiency and profitability, Sendlane implemented systems that automated many tasks associated with running a successful business such as repetitive billing operations, email marketing campaigns, or customer service system notifications. By doing so, there was no need for extra personnel, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

5 Strategic partnerships: Lastly, it was essential for Sendlane secure mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations within related industries to make an impact in an increasingly competitive marketplace. They leveraged these opportunities by introducing joint promotions and implementing cross-channel campaigns focusing on quality over quantity.

The Future of Sendlane

As Sendlane continues to expand, it promises to remain ahead of the curve in email marketing automation technology. With powerful pricing management tools, pre-made campaigns and customization options, Sendlane is poised for great industry success. In 2022, Sendlane hit its projected goal of having 7,000 customers and reaching over $7.1 million in annual revenue.

It looks like the future of Sendlane is bright — from hot new features to further expansion worldwide. Utilizing the latest technologies and an experienced team has allowed Sendlane to secure its place in the email automation industry and become one of its most dependable providers. With a definite focus on customer success and satisfaction, you can be sure that as long as you’re a customer, you’ll enjoy access to cutting-edge solutions and personalized support.

Sendlane also prides itself on innovations such as Artificial Intelligence-driven recommendation algorithms that maximize personalization in all emails users send. This has allowed those using Sendlane’s platform to better engage their customers with the right message at the right time while gaining valuable insights on their contacts’ behavior over time. Additionally, with a campaign library brimming with foolproof tactics and game-changing strategies, becoming an expert marketer isn’t far away either!

That said, don’t forget about open rates: one of Sendlane’s latest updates includes new customization options for email subject lines that ensure maximum clickthrough rates when emails are sent out — guaranteeing a better chance of conversions with each campaign launch!


Sendlane has achieved incredible growth and success within the email marketing space since its inception in 2012. The company provides a suite of essential email marketing tools for marketers, allowing them to easily create and execute effective campaigns. In 2022, the company hit $7.1M revenue with 7K customers, proving their outstanding performance in the marketplace.

Success at Sendlane comes from the team’s dedication to customer service, relentless innovation, and active engagement with customers via virtual events, webinars, and through development of new features and products. They have also implemented a successful collaboration strategy with over 60 integrations, allowing marketers to find new ways to engage customers efficiently.

The success of Sendlane is exemplary for businesses in any industry looking for innovative ways to grow their revenues and customer base through email marketing technologies. In addition, the lessons learned from their experience can serve as inspiration as your business pursues its own goals in this ever-changing digital landscape.

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