Outsourcing has attracted a lot of attention around the world in recent years. The idea that you can benefit from the quality of professional services without having to pay a year’s salary to a specialist is certainly tempting. However, outsourcing makes more sense for some functions than others. Depending on your industry, it may be preferable to outsource one-off projects rather than assemble your own team. At least this is the case for the IT functions of most companies.

Fortunately, we live in an era where outsourcing IT functions is easier than ever. You can find reputable IT agencies all over the world to get the kind of services you’re looking for at an affordable price. But that doesn’t mean all agencies can do it. There are a few things you need to consider when outsourcing your IT functions. That being said, here’s what you should look for when you outsource your IT team.

What to Look for When Outsourcing an IT Crew

Price model

If you compare the cost of hiring an in-house software development team with the cost of outsourcing IT functions, you will quickly see that the latter is more cost-effective. Of course, this is only the case if you value professional quality. This does not mean that outsourcing IT functions cannot be expensive. It all depends on the type of project and the longevity that your company needs.

To make sure you don’t fall short, it’s important to be clear about the pricing model. Whether you are looking for a skilled independent or an IT team, make sure you discuss the pricing model in terms of initial costs, milestones, number of revisions and any additional costs you may not be aware of.

Scope of services offered

Outsourcing projects can be easy. After all, it has a certain size, duration and budget. But outsourcing all IT functions is not as simple as a single project. If you’re looking for an IT team to handle all your technical needs, you need to find out what services they can offer.

PrototypeIT’s IT gurus explain that a strong IT team is able to manage IT services, execute complete IT projects, manage cloud hosting services and provide IT consulting when needed. Most of them have a complete team with broad knowledge of diverse technologies, ensuring a holistic approach to all your needs.

Know-how and commitment of the IT team

Sometimes outsourcing to an independent contractor may seem like the most economical option, especially if it is a one-time project. However, outsourcing has many benefits for an IT team, the first of which is a complete team.

You don’t have to worry about personal issues affecting the work or the freelancer disappearing without completing the project. However, if you decide to outsource this task to an IT team, you should check the number of employees, their expertise, and the team’s level of commitment to its clients. You do not want to pay for professional services only to end up with the same problems you would have with a freelancer.

IT team maturity

Another element to consider is the level of maturity of the company you are dealing with. While amateurs may be enthusiastic about the projects they undertake, lack of experience can cause you to fall behind.

Don’t forget to check their past work, client evaluations, and experience with the projects for which you want to hire them. While software development is a skill that can be tailored to different abilities, experience is certainly important when applying this skill.

Adjustment of the scope of the project.

The preceding points will help you refine your search for the most suitable candidates. Once you have started discussing the details of the project, it is important to make sure that you are both on the same page.

Don’t think they will give you the results you want if you only provide an overview; make sure you detail all requirements, deliverables, timelines, and the overall scope of the project. Also, don’t forget to set specific milestones and ask for regular progress reports.

Means of communication

Establishing clear communication rules is one of those obvious things, but it’s amazing how often this is forgotten. This becomes a major problem, especially if you are outsourcing to an offshore team with language barriers or time zone differences. It’s important to establish regular channels and times to communicate with the team so you can monitor progress without major issues.

IT outsourcing has become a global trend for small and large businesses. However, it also means that more IT agencies are making their appearance. Since you cannot be sure of the quality you will get, it is important to first research the candidates and evaluate the service they can provide.

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