The PC case is the fastener that holds your PC in place and allows you to display all those glorious internal components you’ve spent your hard-earned money on. It used to be difficult to present your RGB components with metal housings, but that’s no longer the case.

When acrylic enclosures first appeared on the PC enclosure market, everyone was excited about them. You finally have a transparent panel, and everything that glitters in your PC finally makes sense. But no matter how good the new stuff is, acrylic shops have their problems.

When the first glass boxes hit the shelves, the companies demanded a premium because they sold better than acrylic. In this article we compare glass and acrylic cases to see if this is indeed the case.

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Tempered glass boxes are made of good tempered glass. This allows you to display PC components without having to worry about your panel warping from heat or fading over time, which is common with acrylic panels.

But because they are made of glass, these cases are much heavier than their acrylic counterparts. They are also prone to breakage if you accidentally drop them.

This will all disappear once you see the glass box. When done right, they are beautiful. As manufacturers make more and more sides of the enclosure out of glass, you can display it from almost any angle, giving your enclosure a rather high-end look.

As these windows have become more popular, the prices have dropped and you can now easily find a window for almost any budget.

Here are some of the best tempered glass cases you can try.

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Scratch Resistance : As you can imagine, tempered glass is much less prone to scratches than acrylic. They can be cleaned with anything and do not show any scratches. They’re heavy: Glass has a much higher density than plastic and is therefore much heavier. If you plan to travel a lot with your suitcase, it may become too heavy for you.
Easy to clean: Based on the previous point, you only need to wipe the glass display case with a dry microfiber cloth or even a glass cleaner to clean it. They might break: Because glass is fragile, it can also break easily. While tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass and can even withstand a few drops and bumps here and there, it only takes one drop to make cleaning it hell. Not to mention the need for a new sign.
No discoloration problems: Unlike acrylic, which is usually made of plastic, glass boxes do not have the annoying yellow tint that develops over time. You can use them for as long as you like, and they retain exactly the same color as when you bought them. Housing deficiencies: There are also gaps in these things. Just hit the glass at the same height as the rest of the case. These openings allow dust or other small nasties to get into your enclosure and cause problems later.
Looks like it: The ability to show off all the RGB lounge tricks you have in your PC goes to the next level when you use the glass case. Not only does this allow you to look into the PC, but the glass panels themselves look much better.

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These cases came on the market before glass and in many ways marked the beginning of the RGB PC building phenomenon. Before acrylic panels, PC enclosures were made of metal and therefore opaque.

Because acrylic is so cheap, anyone can suddenly get a cabinet with a see-through window and show what’s going on inside, even if the cables and lighting are of good quality.

Here are some great acrylic cases you can buy right now.

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They are virtually indestructible: While glass is very susceptible to breaking when dropped, the worst thing you risk with acrylic is a scratch. They are unlikely to break accidentally unless you actually bend the acrylic sheet and try to break it. Scratchable: It is very easy to scratch acrylic. Some panels can be scratched by wiping them with a bad cloth. After a while, even cleaning will leave scratches here and there.
They weigh less: Glass has a much higher density than acrylic and is therefore much heavier. The acrylic panels make the case much lighter. Thermal Deformation : Acrylic can warp and bend when exposed to heat. Depending on the components you use and the quality of your thermal management, don’t be surprised if you end up ruining your panel in some weird way because your PC got a little too hot.
They’re cheap: An acrylic case will cost you much less than a glass case, while still allowing you to show off your computer.

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In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages. Glass looks good, is easier to clean and lasts longer. However, a single mistake can lead to expensive repairs and difficult cleanup.

Acrylic is cheaper, doesn’t break and still shows your PC. But it certainly doesn’t last as long as the glass box.

In any case, try to choose the glass box if you can. PC cases are not designed to be moved repeatedly, so their weight may not be that great. If you take good care of your business, it will last you a lifetime.

However, this does not mean that acrylic drawers are a bad thing. If you need a case that you will move around often and don’t mind a few scratches, acrylic cases are also a good choice.

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Buy a PC case: Monitoring functions for disk array and SSD mount points : As we’ve mentioned several times, you need to make sure your PC case has enough 2.5 and 3.5 drive bays. In some cases, there are also mounting points for SSDs on the back of the motherboard.

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This definitely makes the Phanteks Eclipse P500A the best PC case overall, with its highly efficient airflow/cooling and water cooling, not to mention its cool design. You can also check out the Meshify C Fractal Design – Best Airflow Case for Water Cooling Flexibility, be quiet!

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