The Internet isn’t always your friend. Sometimes it takes an eternity to download web pages. Not to mention the requests, which are very slow. Why is Facebook sometimes so slow on both mobile and desktop computers?

There are several reasons why Facebook is slow. It is possible that maintenance work is being carried out on the website, that your internet connection is poor and even that your application is faulty. A patch can vary from rebooting the phone to checking the router connection.

Let’s see what Facebook could do so slowly.

Facebook on mobile phone slowly

As most users know, updates of Facebook applications are known to crash the application. Not to mention the fact that you make your connection very slowly! Therefore, there may be several reasons why he or she is not working properly.

First check your phone’s internet connection. Check the following points to make sure the connection is secure:

  • Do you have a data or Wi-Fi connection?
  • Do you have bars?
  • Do other applications connected to the Internet work?
  • Has the mode of your aircraft been activated?

Check out all these simple questions to make sure that the application is slow and not the phone or internet connection.

Also, if your application is slow and your connection is good, it may be time to upgrade! Try updating the application to see if this solves the problem. Not to mention that the horror has been removed and reinstalled. All this can help to make Facebook so slow!

A quick solution will also be to close the application and then restart it. Old man, but delicious!

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Facebook is slow on desktop

If you use a browser to try to access a particular Facebook newsgroup or to unblock an old friend, but the site is slow, there are several reasons.

First check the internet connection on your computer, tablet or phone. If your Internet connection does not work for other sites, it is time to fix your Internet connection.

Try rebooting the router, turn the electronic device on and off, disconnect it and reconnect it to the Internet. If this tactic doesn’t work, it may not be because of your internet connection.

Everything is smart when Facebook is so slow in your browser, but it’s not your internet, it could be add-ons or other features. So it’s time to try the old tactics, turn it off and turn it back on. Try closing and opening the browser again.

However, if this does not work, you can clear your browser’s cache and disable external browser extensions. Learn online the details of cleaning up the cache and temporary data on your specific computer/browser. Not to mention disabling browser-specific extensions and add-ons!

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Facebook So slow Sometimes you have to fix mistakes!

Sometimes you can’t fix Facebook by turning it off and on again. Whether you need to browse your profile in your browser and it’s painfully slow, or your application is anywhere with download time, follow these tips to get it up and running again!

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