Windows 11 is now the perfect platform for developers

Yes, Windows 10 is a great operating system. But for developers, there are still a few things missing, such as a way to easily debug a Windows app on a Mac. The Windows Subsystem for Linux, a new subsystem that allows you to run a Linux distro under Windows, enables you to do just that. But how? Read on.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is finally available to Windows 7 and 8 users, and it’s receiving rave feedbacks from users and critics. For many, Windows 10 is the answer to the question: “Can Microsoft finally make a decent operating system?”

The Windows operating system has been replaced with Windows 11 by Microsoft. Windows 7 was an OS that was better than the previous version, Windows 8. But it had a few faults, like not being able to see the notifications from the previous version of the OS. It also was not mobile friendly. Windows 9 was an attempt to fix all these flaws. But it was not a mobile friendly OS and it came with a lot of bugs. Microsoft has finally released Windows 11. It is a mobile friendly OS that is bug free. There are fewer bugs in the OS since it was released just a few months ago. This OS is already being put to use by many developers. It is the new platform of choice for developers.. Read more about windows 11 developer and let us know what you think.

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Windows 11 has been officially unveiled and among its many new features, Microsoft has announced a new era for its platforms and operating system. Some of the leaked changes were confirmed at a company event, but some are brand new.

A good example is the requirements and features of Windows 11 that have become official. While some of the new features seem very interesting, the removal of Skype and Paint 3D from Windows 11 could be a problem for some users.

Microsoft wants to give developers more freedom

Another interesting finding: Microsoft is paying much more attention to developers with its new operating system. The goal seems to be to make Windows 11 a completely open platform for all developers.

Of course, this means many more applications that are better optimized and offer tighter integration with the system. Since this is a big leap from previous operating systems, the new partnership for developers starts with five key areas:

New Microsoft Store

The good news is that the new store now supports Win32, .NET and PWA apps, as well as Android apps from the Amazon Store. This means that many of your favorite applications will soon find their place there. In addition, the design has been improved and new features have been added.

Microsoft’s new revenue sharing option is perhaps the most interesting for most developers:

They also have more options for revenue sharing, such as. B. you can keep 100% if you create your own sales platform for your application (this does not apply to PC games).

Development of solid websites has improved, as have native applications.

With Windows 11, the tech giant has also focused on development tools. The aim is to facilitate integration and improve performance:

With the new PWABuilder3, you can create a PWA from your web application in minutes. The always relevant WebView2 runtime is also included in Windows 11, making it easy to use the web platform as a productive and secure way to build hybrid web applications. Of course, you can still take advantage of powerful developer offerings like Windows Terminal and the new Microsoft Edge DevTools, as they are now bundled together.

The Windows App SDK (formerly known as Project Reunion) and the new ARM64 Emulation Compatible Toolkit round out the list of useful tools that increase efficiency and help developers create native applications more easily.

Liquid design takes its place

WinUI3 is the ideal tool for developers who want to create applications that look and feel like they are part of Windows 11. Finished geometry, updated iconography, new typography and fun micro-interactions are just some of the many features that can be very useful.

And that’s not all, you can also use Reunion Windowing to manage your applications in a more convenient way:

It works with existing application code, simplifies common operations and brings new functionality to desktop applications, such as B. Light scattering behavior, picture-in-picture mode and easier header adjustment.

Windows 11 is designed for games

Finally, the Game Development Kit (GDK) provides an easier way to develop new games. In this kit you will find the usual tools, libraries and documentation you need to create great games with ease.

GDK is part of the Game Stack collection offered by Microsoft to improve the performance and scalability of game development. This feature, combined with Auto-HDR, promises an incredible gaming experience for all users.

What do you think of all these new changes and the way they are open to developers? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll continue the conversation there.

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Take part in the discussionAfter the initial shock of Microsoft’s plans to bring Windows 10 to Windows 10, we began to see the benefits of a unified Windows platform. Windows 10 is been great for developers, allowing us to take advantage of the latest Windows APIs and programming languages out of the box, but Windows 11 will take this even further. With Windows 11, we’ll see the removal of many of the limitations and abstraction that developers experienced with Windows 8, allowing them to build even richer apps and experiences, and we’re thrilled with what they can do.. Read more about windows 11 insider and let us know what you think.

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