Whether you’re a network administrator, office assistant or engineer, Edraw Max offers solutions for a variety of design and documentation tasks for your business. But will Edra Max rise to this challenge with a wide range of viable options on the market? How effective is the program? Well, let’s find out.

This all-in-one graphical software is a legitimate graphical design solution, a graphical tool and a block mapping program. From flow charts to presentation plans, clothing design, software structures and network diagrams, the software makes your work super easy.

You can also create professional scientific illustrations, direction charts and database tables. Unlike traditional block diagram software, Edraw Max offers more graphical features that make your work much easier and your recordings and presentations more glamorous.

Edrew Max Review Summary

One of the outstanding features of the Edraw Max software is its extensive collection of templates and examples. Whether you want to create a block diagram, network diagram, floor plan or organization chart, you can choose from a large gallery of pre-installed templates. This all-in-one program for creating diagrams makes it easy to perform fairly complex tasks when presenting the design and documenting the project.

In addition to a rich gallery of templates and examples, Edraw Max offers excellent file compatibility. Unlike other graphical modeling tools in the field of pricing, this program allows you to easily export your drawings, charts and plans to various popular file formats. Everything is available in PDF, PPT, Visio, Html, Word and JPEG; the degree of flexibility is second to none.

Wondershare Edraw Max software is far from flexible and can create up to 280 types of cards. And while this figure may seem normal, no other programme provides these figures at the Edrow price. What’s more, the skills are spread across technical diagrams and computer graphics, giving you a wide range of possibilities.


  • Offers a rich gallery of templates, examples and cleverly organized manuals.
  • Provides dynamic network diagrams with real-time diagram connections.
  • Allows you to convert files to various popular formats.
  • Has a low weight, but at the same time a strong and incredibly enhanced effect and theme.
  • Excellent and fast customer service


  • When modeling a database, annoying dragging movements can lead to distortions.

Download Edraw Max here >

What is Wondershare Edra Max?

Wondershare Edraw Max is a comprehensive diagramming software that makes it easy to create professional flowcharts, network diagrams, web design diagrams, scientific illustrations, business presentations and database diagrams. With this lightweight yet powerful tool you can develop clothing designs, electrical diagrams, construction drawings, UML diagrams and a mind map. It contains a wide range of useful tools that make an otherwise busy task much easier and more fun.

How much does Edra Max cost?

The current version of Edraw Max is available as a free trial (Viewer Version) and as a professionally edited version, the latter offering additional templates and examples for creating diagrams. The professional version is also available in three categories:

  • One person
  • Company
  • academic/profitable

Each of the three categories also includes three different permits: an annual, a perpetual and a lifetime permit. Either way, you get 1 GB of storage in the cloud, produce all 280 types of maps and use two devices.

For each category, an annual subscription license guarantees a full year of updates and support. The license only works on Windows and needs to be updated monthly. The price of the plan is $8.25 per month ($99 per year) for the first year, with a renewal fee of $5.75 per month.

For $116.40, the perpetual license is a one-time purchase and works on both Windows and MacOS devices. The plan also includes up to 3 years of free support and updates.

Finally, like the previous plan, the lifetime license is a one-time purchase, but with lifetime support and free updates. It is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. The plan is available for $171.50.

Pay attention: The price of the Business category depends on the number of users. A one-year license costs the same as the individual plan for a single user, but is $1,299 for 20 users. For Continuous and Lifetime plans, prices start at $179 and $245 and go up to $1,999 and $2,999 for 20 users respectively.

Download Edraw Max here >

Max. Processing functions

Screenshot of Edo Max.

As mentioned before, Edraw Max (sometimes called EdrawSoft) is a company chart program that can be used to create block diagrams, company diagrams, technical diagrams and floor plans. This all-in-one software has a number of features that make the process simple and fun. Here are some of the most important features

  • The complete solution for vector graphics.
  • Drag the drawing.
  • Built-in templates for creating diagrams.
  • MS Office ribbon interface.
  • Text object support – line, spacing, bullets, background color.
  • Table stand.
  • Publisher’s form.
  • Hyperlink support.
  • Import documents in Visio XML format.
  • Automatic alignment of objects.
  • Interaction with MS Office.
  • Real-time preview.
  • Zoom slider for quick zooming in and out.
  • Color image, supports PNG transparency, light and contrast
  • 2000 + clip art on.

All these functions facilitate the design and documentation of different network diagrams depending on the business unit. Best of all, there are many models and examples to work with. In addition, the program is characterized by a high degree of file compatibility, making it possible to store, import and export drawings in HTML, JPEG, Word, PPT and PNG. You can also transfer your files to and from other diagnostic tools such as Visio.

Each diagram is accompanied by a huge collection of examples that students and advanced users can use as a basis for developing new projects. The interface is easy to use and you don’t need much experience to succeed. And while a large collection of symbol libraries adhere strictly to standards, customization is easy, so you can change colour and style with just a few clicks.

Finally, Wondershare Edraw Max is cloud-based, making it easy for you and your team to work on the same project from different devices.

Download, installation and use

First download Edraw, run the installation program and open it when it’s finished. When you create a new project, you can select an existing template or example for the configuration.

When you use the template option, your workspace is surrounded by toolbars above, to the right and to the left. Use the toolbar to select different elements to create a perfect diagram. If, on the other hand, you select an existing example, all the elements linked to the diagram will be displayed, so you can delete or save whatever you want. In any case, the design and documentation of a new project should not be complicated.

In general, people who have already used graphic design software and desktop publishing systems can easily get started with Edraw Max. The layout can be difficult for beginners to understand in the beginning, but you will have to do some tests.

How to use Wondershare Edraw Max

To better understand Edra Max, let’s see how we can create a block diagram:

Step 1.

Open an empty page in the software and select a template of your choice from the extensive library.

Screenshot of Edo Max.

Step 2.

Click on the icon (circled in red in the screenshot below) to find the diagram block shapes you want to use.

Screenshot of the workspace

Step 3.

Click on the Start icon and drag it to the drawing board. Drag and drop the characters you want to use at this point.

Screenshot of Edo Max.

Step 4.

Click the Connector button on the toolbar and select the desired connector type to connect characters with minimal effort.

Screenshot of the workspace

Step 5.

Once the characters are connected, configure the resulting discussion flow using the many formatting tools available.

In the theme bar, you can change the theme color, connection style, theme scheme and font style with a single click. What’s more, WYSIWYG allows you to see changes in real time for accurate formatting.

Once the formatting is complete, you can save your work and convert it to various file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, images, PPT and HTML. Click File>Export and select the format of your choice. You can also share your block diagram using the File tab. Just click File>Share and choose to copy or share the link on platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.


Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a Microsoft product that is sold alongside Mrs. Visio. Office. Diagram software makes it easy to create flow charts, floor plans, 3D maps, business process models, project management diagrams and organizational charts. Like Edraw Max, it is equipped with various data functions to facilitate the planning and documentation process. Overall, it is an ideal network documentation program.

Hard Lucide

This is the web program that facilitates the joint work on the drawing project. It runs on browsers that support HTML5, making it free of third-party software such as Adobe Flash. Lucidchart lets you create and edit tables and charts before sharing them across multiple platforms.

Like Max Edrau, it offers advanced features and numerous diagnostic tools to make the process much easier and more interesting. However, Lucidchart has more advanced tools, which means a steeper learning curve. In general, the software has a simple and intuitive user interface and the diagnostic results are good.


SmartDraw is used to create organization charts, mind maps, flow charts and other business diagrams. The software is available in two versions: an online version and a downloadable version. In addition to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, this program is designed with a variety of features that will greatly facilitate your mapping tasks.

Last words

And that’s it! Wondershare Edru Max is the ideal diagnostic software, equipped with various business visualisation functions. It is very efficient and costs less than half of what competitors demand. In addition, flexible payment plans make it easy to choose a specific plan that is perfectly adapted to the needs of your organization.

Edraw Max is powerful and has enough templates and examples to simplify the design and documentation of the diagrams. And although it can be difficult to learn to use the functions in the beginning, the more you get used to the interface and presentation of the program, the better it gets over time. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, this incredible platform will certainly make your job easier.

Download Edraw Max here >

I hope you enjoyed my review of Edra!


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