All fans of computer games, including World of Warcraft, are familiar with the term boosting. Over time, it becomes more and more popular and in demand. Boosters help you overcome difficult levels, earn points, and level up. Many players love the game for the ability to collect pets, others for exciting battles and boss fights, and still others for the wow services variety of equipment and weapons. Not everyone manages to cope with the difficulties that arise and collect the maximum number of trophies at each level.

What is Boost Wow

The term is boosting means to pump, speed up or increase. Regarding this game, boosting is understood as helping an experienced player to a beginner in passing a level, in defeating bosses.

WoW, boosting service can be single and group. Single – this is when an experienced booster, together with a beginner, passes through the dungeon. Together they fight enemies and get the coveted trophies. Without such help, the beginner would not have been able to cope with the trials.

Group boosting involves team battles. A group of players takes one or more players with them to participate in boss battles.

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There is a boost in PvP. It consists in helping a booster or a team of boosters in pumping skills and increasing the game rating. The more victories a player wins, the more modern weapons, vehicles, and equipment he gets.

Boosting is a service that is used not only by beginners but also by players who already have experience.


The service can be used by any player. It turns out it’s not free. You will have to pay for the services with in-game gold and other significant in-game valuables. There are situations when players pay with real money boosters. Such situations are considered illegal and are suppressed by the organizers.

WoW, boost service has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons Pluses

  • Beginners get invaluable experience, increase their status and rating, and get coveted trophies.
  • Boosters get a way to earn extra money.
  • A way to make new acquaintances and find friends with the same interests.
  • Boosting is used as an internal currency in the game.


  • Lack of value for inexperienced players’ wins.
  • Intrusive advertising on all channels.

Users can use the help of boosters to upgrade their account to level 110. To use this feature, you need to take into account some nuances.

Features Boosting

To upgrade your account, you can use an existing hero or choose a new one. On the playing field in the upper right corner, there is an increase icon. Each player can create a trial version.

If the user upgrades a player above level 60, veteran status is assigned, and skills with professions are automatically pumped up to level 700.

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When the user has not chosen a profession during the boosting, it is assigned automatically based on the type of armor:

– blacksmithing or mining in the presence of plate armor;

– tanning with leather armor;

– tailoring or enchanting with cloth armor.

 So you can say wow carries advantages for both boosters and beginners with little experience.