Meta developed the Quest 2, a virtual reality headset. It works with Android and requires a smartphone to set up. It can be used as a standalone device or connected to a computer using Wi-Fi or USB, as well as supports compatible software for virtual reality. Many people want to play games and bet on 20Bet, with the Roblox app for the Oculus Quest 2.

Can You Play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2

Although Roblox is not yet available for virtual reality, you can still use it with the Quest 2 through its Link mode. You can use a USB-C cable to connect the Quest to a computer. The PC will then send data to the device, allowing you to play with Roblox in virtual reality.

Preparation Before Playing Roblox on Oculus Quest 2

Before you can play Roblox on Quest 2, you need to first get a PC that’s ready to run the game. In addition to being able to run it, a PC should also have the necessary features to stream content.

Oculus Link Setting: We use the software known as Oculus Link to play Roblox on the new Quest 2.

Install Roblox Player: To play Roblox games on your PC, you’ll need to install a small player.

USB-C cable: You should use a USB 3.0 cable and much higher for connecting the device to the computer.

Official Oculus Quest 2 PC App: The official app for the Oculus Quest 2 allows users to run the Air Link and Oculus Link features to play the game Roblox on their computers.

How to Play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2

Here are represented the steps to play Roblox on the new virtual reality headset.

1. Make sure that the Quest is connected properly to your computer using the USB-C cable, and turn it on.

2. After you’ve launched the Quest 2 app, go to Devices and click on the “Add a New Headset” button. You’ll then be asked to follow the instructions on the screen to set up the device.

3. Go to the link section and click “Connect to PC.” Follow the instructions shown on the screen.

4. Go to the settings section and click on the “Unknown Sources” option. Then, go to the Roblox game that you want to play in virtual reality. If it doesn’t launch, go to the settings section and select “VR.”

What If You Can’t Play Roblox in VR Mode

If you’re still not able to play Roblox in virtual reality mode after connecting your Quest or Quest 2 to your computer, it might be because you don’t have the option to enable it.


Certain Roblox games won’t support virtual reality. In addition, some games might not support the Quest 2 headset. Make sure that the game you’re trying to play is made for VR and supports the platform.

Older versions of Roblox cause issues that affect the experience of users with virtual reality. If this is the case, try uninstalling the older version and redownloading it from the Roblox website.

Steam VR Might Help: Since there are plenty of games compatible with Steam VR, it might help to download and install it. Then, start Roblox using the browser.