Apple Introduced iOS 18: What’s New In It?
One of the main novelties of WWDC 2024 was the new iOS 18. The operating system received a lot of innovations, the main one of which was wide customization options. Apple has upgraded the customization capabilities of iOS 18. Smart Apple Intelligence functions have appeared in the operating system, and Photos has received the largest update in history. One of the main news of the WWDC 2024 conference was the presentation of the new operating system iOS 18. It received many new functions. It acquired advanced customization options and even a personal artificial intelligence model, Apple Intelligence.

Customization Options for iOS 18

Most of the attention in iOS 18 was paid to the possibilities of customization and personalization of the device. In the new operating system, they are truly gorgeous. iPhone users should definitely check them out. Applications and widgets on the home screen can now be positioned as you please. You can change their size and choose any shade, and when you turn on the dark theme, they are automatically darkened. It is also possible to change the appearance of the Control Center. Users can rearrange controls, remove unnecessary icons, and add widgets from third-party applications, for example, to unlock a car or view content on social networks. And in iOS 18, there is finally a feature to enable blocking of individual applications using Face ID. For those who like to stay updated on their favorite services, like checking the latest features on the 22Bet login page, the new iOS 18 will make these tasks more seamless than ever.

Big Update to Photos

Apple says the Photos app has undergone the biggest redesign in its history. The main thing is that the developers have optimized it for the most convenient work with a growing library of photos. The application has a new ability to easily hide screenshots. The new Collections feature helps you keep track of your latest photos, and users can now group photos by people and even animals. The Carousel interface for your photos has also been updated.

And Here’s AI: Implementing Apple Intelligence

Apple is entering the AI ​​race and introducing Apple Intelligence into the work of its gadgets. With the help of this neural network, users will be able to generate texts, paraphrase them, change the tone, and get short summaries. There will also be a function for generating pictures, which will be built into almost all applications, and even the creation of personal Genmoji – emoji generated based on a text description. A cool feature for those who often use photo editors: Apple Intelligence will provide the ability to remove unnecessary objects using the Clean Up option. No more strangers in the frame! They also added integration with ChatGPT: the company claims that all Apple Intelligence users will have free access to it without registration. Whether this will really happen, we will find out closer to the release date of the AI. However, not everyone greeted this news with enthusiasm. For example, Elon Musk, who heard about such an update, called the integration of OpenAI an “unacceptable security violation” and threatened to ban the use of Apple devices in his companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, and X.

Smarter Siri

Apple’s voice assistant did not receive any updates at all for a long time, and then it finally came out – and on such a large scale. Remember Jarvis, the sentient artificial intelligence who somewhat played the role of Tony Stark’s butler in the Iron Man and Avengers film series? Siri will also become your assistant: it will be able to tell you which airport you are flying from and when you have an appointment with the dentist (it will take this data from email or SMS), help you find a photo of a specific person in a certain place, and also figure out how to do that or other action on a smartphone. It will be enough to simply say hello to her and voice your request.

What Else Did iOS 18 Get?

The Messages app now includes formatting, the ability to send animated text, and scheduled message sending. Apple Maps has acquired detailed topographic maps, including autonomous ones. The operating system now includes a “Game Mode” that improves gaming performance for consistently high frame rates. Added the ability to listen to and manage music together.

When Will iOS 18 Arrive?

This fall, owners of the iPhone Xs and more recent Apple smartphones will begin receiving the update to iOS 18, and a public beta version of the operating system will become available to participants in the Apple Beta Software Program next July.