CrazyTime Live Evolution Gaming is an online live casino show that offers a unique live combination of popular casino games and show format. The game is streamed live from gaming studios in various locations around the world and provides the possibility of big payouts.

To participate in the online game, you must register with the best online casino that features this activity. Once you have created and funded your account, you can bet on different activity segments and spin the wheel to see where it stops.

Desktop and Mobile Version of Crazy Time Live

The world of online gaming is developing actively nowadays to offer gamblers a variety of experiences on different devices anywhere. The popular game show Crazy Time Live on is no exception. This game can provide an interesting experience whether you are playing on a computer or phone. Let’s know more about the differences and similarities between the two types of gambling.


Rich imagery and larger screen size: The PC version of Crazy Time Live is known for its vivid imagery and intricate visuals, which become even more impressive on wide screens.

Stable connectivity and performance: Desktop computers have a more stable internet connection and higher processing power. This is very important during live sessions where real-time interaction is critical.

Improved User Interface: The desktop version’s interface is designed to be easy to use with a mouse and keyboard. This customization provides precise control, which can be especially useful when navigating the app’s features or placing bets.


Portability and Convenience: The mobile version of Crazy Time Live is distinctively portable. Players can enjoy the game right on their way somewhere!

Optimized for touchscreen: The game interface on mobile devices is optimized for touchscreen control.


This design makes the game intuitive and best played in a frantic time; tapping and swiping are more natural actions on these devices, offering a different interaction style than the desktop version.

Adaptive graphics and performance: Although the reduced screen size may reduce the visual experience, the game is skillfully adapted to mobile displays while maintaining gameplay. Casino developers ensure that graphics and performance are fine-tuned for different mobile devices, ensuring that the game plays smoothly even on mobile.

Crazy Time Demo Version for Free Play

New to Live Crazy Time? No worries! You can check out the demo mode first. It’s a free and fun way to get a feel for the game without spending any cash. You’ll see everything from spinning wheels to exciting bonus rounds in action. This is the perfect possibility to learn the main rules and get some practice before playing with real money.

Using Betting Strategies

Betting strategies are essential to play Crazy Time successfully. Using such strategies sometimes helps players manage their bankroll and make successful decisions based on these rules, by the way increasing their chances to win at Crazy Time.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a mostly recommended tactic for betting in the Crazy Time slot. It’s quite simple: you need to double your bet after each loss to try to recover all that you lost.


For example, if you lose one bet, you double the next one then. If you win, you recover all your previous losses and profit. Sounds good, right? But not everything is so easy-going. Your bets can add up quickly, and you can run out of your budget very soon. Therefore, it is very important to limit how much you are willing to bet and stick to it.

The Martingale strategy can work if you have a small bankroll and don’t hit a long losing streak. But remember, no strategy guarantees success. Always bet within your means and play it safe!

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is another cool way to bet in Crazy Time. It’s primarily based on the Fibonacci series, where each number is the sum of the two before it. Here’s how it works: if you lose a guess, you increase your subsequent wager in line with the sequence. If you win, you circulate backward in the series and bet a smaller amount. It’s a way to manage your bets by increasing after losses and reducing after wins.

But be careful! Make sure to pick a sensible starting point and set an upper limit to avoid risking too much and protect your bankroll.

D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert method is another betting method you could use in Crazy Time. It balances wins and losses by adjusting your bets up or down using one unit. If you win, you lower it by using one unit. The concept is to stabilize your profits and losses through the years.

This strategy involves gradually increasing your bets after losses to try to recover and then decreasing them after wins to keep your profits. But be careful! Limiting how high you’ll go to avoid taking on too much risk is essential.

The strategy can be fun to play Crazy Time, but no strategy guarantees you’ll always win. Play responsibly, and keep your budget in mind.