Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone OEM and it is the world’s 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer. The company is also known as “the Apple of China”. It was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun, who is a former Google employee. The company is based in Beijing, China. Today, it is one of the most popular smartphone OEMs in China and is the 3rd largest smartphone vendor in the world.

Xiaomi is one of the leading Android smartphone manufacturers in China. It has been making smartphones and tablet devices since July 2013. It was the fourth-largest smartphone vendor in the world by shipment volume in 2015, behind Samsung, Apple, and Huawei, according to Strategy Analytics. The company sells its devices through its own online and offline stores. The company’s Mi Store is the largest e-commerce app store for Android devices.

The Xiaomi Company is a global smartphone manufacturer. In 2017, Xiaomi was the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer, and it’s heading towards the second position. We have developed a tool to help people unlock the Xiaomi phone for the first time. So if you want to unlock the phone, you can use this tool in your Windows 10/8.1/7 PC.

Xiaomi is arguably the best OEM when it comes to custom modifications. Not only the theme app, but also Xiaomi allows us to increase the privileges on our Xiaomi phones. Yes, I’m talking about unlocking the bootloader. The OEM allows us to easily unlock the bootloader using its official Mi Unlock tool. So, if you are planning to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi phone, this guide is for you. You can download the Mi Unlock Tool and Mi Unlock Tool manual here. Xiaomi phones are very popular with developers and are the subject of many custom development projects. These projects include custom roms, custom restores, GSI, custom kernels, etc. The main reason is that you need all the necessary tools like Mi unlock tool, Mi flash tool, Mi restore tool, Mi account bypass tool, etc. Another important reason is that Xiaomi does not prevent us from unlocking the bootloader.

What is Mi Unlock Tool?

Mi Unlock Tool is a utility for Xiaomi phones that is used to unlock the bootloader. The Mi unlock tool is only for Xiaomi devices, including the Redmi, Mi and Mi Note series. This is a small utility for the Windows platform that makes the unlocking process much easier for Xiaomi users. The Mi unlock tool is an official tool from Xiaomi, which is different from the Mi account unlock tool. The Mi account unlock tool is used to bypass the Mi account, while the Mi unlock tool is used to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi phones. Mi Unlock Tool is also known as Mi flashing unlock tool because after unlocking the bootloader with this tool, you can flash your Xiaomi phones.

Why does the bootloader need to be unlocked?

If you don’t know the bootloader, it may be locked to your phone. By default, all Android phones have a locked bootloader, which is part of Android security. It prevents us from rooting, installing custom ROMs, using custom covers, applying advanced commands and much more. To get these permissions on a phone, you have to unlock the bootloader. It also applies to Xiaomi phones. Fortunately, Xiaomi allows us to unlock the bootloader of our Xiaomi phones using the Mi Unlock tool. This is an important tool you need to unlock the bootloader.

Download Mi Unlocker (all versions)

The Mi Unlock tool has been around for a few years now, and Xiaomi updates it regularly. You can always use the latest version of Mi Unlock Tool to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi phones. But sometimes the latest version doesn’t work on some phones, in which case the older versions come to the rescue. So we have included some of the older versions of Mi Unlock Tool, so you can try to unlock the bootloader with a particular version. Mi Unlock Tool download links:

  • Mi Unlock Tool v5.5.224.24 (Latest version) – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v4.5.813.51 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v4.5.707.49 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v4.5.514.47 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.5.910.35 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.5.724.32 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.5.719.27 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.5.1128.45 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.5.1108.44 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.5.1030.37 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.4.703.18 – Download
  • Mi Unlock Tool v3.3.1212.33 – Download

Release tool characteristics Mi:

Unlocking the bootloader : Mi Unlock Tool is a small official app from Xiaomi that lets you unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi phones. Supports all Xiaomi phones: The tool allows you to unlock the bootloader of all Xiaomi phones. You can use this tool for all Redmi and Mi devices. Portable tools: The Mi Unlock Tool comes with executable files that can be used in any version of Windows. And no installation is required. Root support: Mi Unlock Tool is a window for the root. Root privileges can be obtained after unlocking the bootloader with the Mi Unlock Tool.

Steps to use Mi Unlock Tool to unlock the bootloader

  1. Download Mi Unlock Tool from the download section on your computer. Also install the ADB and Fastboot drivers on the computer. Make a full backup, as this will erase all data.
  2. Now open Settings and sign in to your Mi account. Then wait at least 7 days. You can also try it without waiting 7 days.
  3. Go to Settings > Mi Account > Mi Cloud and turn on the Sync and Find Device option. Also synchronize all application data at least once.
  4. Now go to About phone in the settings. Press MIUI 7 to 8 times continuously, and the screen shows Now you are a developer.
  5. To access the developer settings, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Developer Settings. Find the Enable OEM Unlock option and enable it. Also enable the USB debugging function.
  6. Again, go to Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status and link your Mi account.
  7. Turn off your device, then long press volume down button + power button to start your Xiaomi phone in fastboot mode. When the image of the Mi Bunny appears on your phone, release the two buttons.
  8. Make sure your PC is connected to an active internet connection. Then open the Mi Unlock tool (batch_unlock.exe for newer versions) and sign in with the same Mi account you use on your Xiaomi phone.
  9. The utility detects your phone and then clicks Unlock now.
  10. It will now unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi phone.

This is all about the Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool software. Now, with this tool, you can easily unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi phone. Check it out:Xiaomi’s Mi Unlock Tool is a tool to unlock Xiaomi phones, and it’s also a tool to root Xiaomi phones. This is very important for the people who have invested a lot of money in Xiaomi phones, and want to use their phones easily. This tool can directly unlock Xiaomi phones, and the user doesn’t need to root Xiaomi phones.. Read more about mi unlock tool download for pc windows 10 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download MI unlock tool?

Xiaomi is one of the top smartphone companies in the world, and their devices are quite popular. However, they also make some extremely unique smartphones, such as the Mi A1 and Mi Mix, which have several features, including dual rear cameras. Xiaomi has been able to overcome tough competition with their unique smartphones and innovative marketing, but they are also facing accusations of the same thing: “ripping off” designs and copying features from competing smartphone companies. The Xiaomi Mi Mobile phone is a brand name produced by Xiaomi Inc., which is based in China. There are several models of Mi phone, which have different feature, size, and price. The company was established in 2010 and registered in Beijing. The company is a mobile phone manufacturer and also an online retailer, selling mobile phones. The device is a smartphone which runs on MIUI 10. The device supports 4G network. The device has a 5.0 inch Full HD display. The device has a solid state drive. The device is powered by a 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor. The device has a 64-bit Quad-core processor. The device has a 3GB RAM. The device has a 32GB internal storage.

What is Mi unlock?

Mi Unlocker is a tool for unlocking Xiaomi phones for any international network. With this tool, you can also save your original IMEI, which is important to check if it is genuine or not. Xiaomi is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and the company’s line of inexpensive but high-performance devices is the envy of other smartphone manufacturers. This year, Xiaomi has rolled out a couple of new accessories for its devices, one of which is a new Bluetooth keyboard.

Can we unlock bootloader without PC?

The process of unlocking the bootloader on any Android smartphone is pretty straightforward. After downloading Mi Unlock Tool , you simply connect your phone to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions. After a couple of minutes, you will have full control over your device. If you’re a Chinese developer like me, you most likely have a Xiaomi Mi device, and you may also know that there’s no way to unlock the bootloader on any of the current versions of the company’s Android devices. That’s why, a few months ago, I decided to create a tool that will make it possible to unlock the bootloader on a Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Explorer Edition devices.

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