How Tech Startups Can Improve Their Presence In The Local Business Community

A tech startup can be an exciting place to work for employees. Founders also make quite a bit of money if the startup thrives. Acquisitions are common in the tech industry, so selling a well-known startup can benefit shareholders. Building a presence on a national scale can be crucial, along with creating a local company that is respected. Turning a tech startup into a reputable business is about customer/client experience. A dedication to the customer can make a huge difference. The following will outline how tech startups can improve their presence in the local business community.

Local Chamber Of Commerce Awards

Entering into various award sections that a chamber of commerce has can be important. A tech company noted as having the best green initiatives or a top startup in the city is excellent PR. Many local businesses do not enter into award categories for various reasons. Some companies might not see the importance of these awards, while others might need to be more active.

There are times when these awards are voted for online. A tech company might have expert marketers who can ensure the company wins at least one medal. Chamber of Commerce awards are frequently promoted in local online and print publications. Local TV stations could pick up on the regional awards as well, which helps gain even more exposure for a tech startup. Backlinks to the startup’s website on the local Chamber of Commerce website can also help boost local search results for products/services.

Continually Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the lifeblood of so many businesses, regardless of size. Social media is free to post on, which can lead to the promotion of events, products, and content that the company has created. Hashtags used appropriately can help categorize posts and put them in front of others searching for specific types of content.

How Tech Startups Can Improve Their Presence In The Local Business Community

Search engine rankings are so important, regardless of what industry a startup is a part of. Ranking at the top of search engines can increase organic leads and sales. Targeting specific terms is very important, although some will have far more competition than others. Keyword research is imperative to create a strategy to build backlinks on relevant sites. The analysis can also help establish what words should be used on the company website.

The content that the startup produces needs to be of the highest quality. Generic content can drive results but, in other cases, can be a waste of marketing budget. Tracking ROI for all digital marketing campaigns can help shape future campaigns to maximize their impact on the business.

Happy Employees Are Great Promoters

Happy employees can be incredible promoters and will even improve the average quality of hire. Staff referrals can be valuable as former colleagues of current employees might not apply due to being unaware of job openings. Current staff also understand the quality of work to expect from a former colleague, primarily if they worked directly with one another. Perks and overall morale will dictate the happiness of the staff. Remote work is the ultimate perk, with so many looking to work from home for the rest of their careers.


Sponsoring Charity Events

Charity events can drive recognition for a startup that sponsors these fundraisers. Various items like pens or t-shirts that include the company website/contact information can pique the interest of potential customers. Coverage of charity events can be vast depending on what cause is being represented. Promoting the events on company channels can expand the exposure of the event. Giving staff a day off to attend events during the workweek is wise as the company should be represented appropriately.

Heading To Industry Meetups In The Area

Industry meetups for local businesses can be extremely valuable. Partnerships and clients can be found at these meetups to expand a startup’s network. Some meetups are social events, so sending employees who thrive in these environments is vital. Hosting meetups for potential clients in the area is another tactic that can be used. Presenting the company in as favorable a light as possible can bring name recognition to the startup. The truth is that meetups can waste time for some businesses but not for startups. A single client can change a startup’s trajectory and lead to long-term consistent income.

Building a local presence for a tech startup can become a regional and national presence. Taking the time to create a plan to improve the visibility of a startup online is crucial. Smaller budgets will require the tech company to be more creative than well-established companies.