League of Legends is one of the largest gaming communities in the world, and Riot keeps them informed of updates and new events from time to time. But when all these people with unique skills and with different backgrounds come together and have disagreements during or after the games, everything becomes less exciting and unpleasant and can actually spoil the game for all the others who play.

The members of the destructive community are not limited to the League of Legends, but in order to guarantee a better experience for the players, Riot has long had a prohibition system based on the Chronicler code and conditions of use, which have become increasingly strict over the years.

Riot, like many other online game developers, problems not only permanent or temporary bans, but also chat restrictions and identification prohibitions – the most important of which.

If you are affected by a chat ban or a temporary ban, your account will soon return to normal, but permanently. The identification ban situation is a bit tricky, and we will talk about all kinds of bans, why you were banned, and what you can do to prevent a Legend Wire ban.

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As mentioned above, the legend prohibitions are mainly divided into four categories: Restriction of cats, temporary ban, permanent ban and ban on issuing identity cards.

Those who commit the first or second offence are usually limited to 10 or 25 chat sessions respectively. If you commit a third offence, you will receive a suspension and for the fourth offence a permanent ban.

However, depending on the seriousness of your offence, riots can remove the professional restriction and impose a temporary or permanent ban on you.

Most serious are the prohibitions on issuing identity cards, as these do not relate to accounts, but to people. The three bananas above will thus affect your LOL account, but getting a ban means that Riot guarantees in good faith that you cannot create another Legends League account; in principle, Riot prohibits you from playing in Legends League.

Prohibitions are usually issued in cases of extreme aggression as a verifiable threat against another player or a member of the riot team. You’re unusual, too.

In addition to the four pools described above, you can also take advantage of a ban on RP financial disputes or unauthorized purchases resulting in a refund to the Riot, but this has nothing to do with the course of the game and you can submit your ticket to the Riot or contact your bank to solve the problem.

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The writ of summons by the League of Legends is generally prohibited in the event of destructive behaviour contrary to the code of summons (Community directives). This may involve abusing other players or opponents through the chat, deliberately feeding another team, switching to AFK (even if you are active in the game and have no technical problems).

What is the ban on shadows and how can it be avoided?

If you have committed a demonstrable threat against another player or an employee of Riot, not only your account, but also yourself as a person may be excluded from the Legends League of Legends.

What happens if you don’t play from your account?

According to Riot, you are responsible for all activities on your behalf. However, if you think your account has been compromised and you have not played any of these games, you can send your ticket to their support team and get your account back.

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How you get a ban depends largely on the nature of the ban; you can just wait or submit a ticket to Riot Support to have your ban lifted if you think it has been wrongly placed on your account. Don’t forget to be polite in every message you send them so that it’s easier and quicker. Knee reaction won’t help.

The riots do not punish false news, because news is only the first step and the editor checks the news before it is banned. If someone has submitted false reports, there is a risk that his report will lose credibility and that the person’s future reports will no longer be relevant.

Restriction of chat communication

If you have a limited chat ban, and this is your first offense, it will be removed after 10 games. If this is a second offence, you will be banned for 25 matches. If you continue with the disruptive behaviour you initially performed, there is a chance that you will soon start looking for a temporary or permanent solution.

Temporary ban

If you are temporarily suspended, you will have to wait two weeks before you can log back in to your account and start playing again. However, please ensure that you do not misuse the call code again, as this could lead to a permanent ban next time.

Permanent ban

If you’ve been given a permanent ban, there’s a chance you won’t, because according to Riot, a permanent ban means that you’ve either been destructive in the past and been given a temporary ban or restriction, or that you’ve misused the call code or the terms of use of the game.

In the first case, Riot claims that you have been intimidated by wrong practices, but that you have continued along the same path and that the ban cannot therefore be lifted because you knew well enough what you were doing; you can always ask for a review in favour of the League of Legends if you think that the ban was wrong and should be reviewed.

Prohibition on ID

If you have been banned from your account, it is very unlikely that Riot will reverse its decision and you may forget that you received a blocked account in return. Especially if you can prove that you threatened another player or a riot squad. In these extreme cases, sedition tends to reduce the bond with the exiled player in general.

However, you can request the support team to re-evaluate your account one year after the ban (the date is mentioned in Riot’s letter you received about the ban). For further instructions on how to restore your account, please refer to the email you received from Riot, which contains the reasons for your suspension.

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Does ticketing contribute to customer service?

Of course Riot’s support will not lift any of the prohibitions they think are exactly placed, but if you have shown an improvement in your in-game behavior and followed the calling code, there is a chance they will enlighten you.

How can I ensure that you are no longer banned?

If you were blocked and could get your account back, it would really help if you didn’t approve the violations you blocked.

If you want to say something that is unacceptable according to the LOL code and terms of use, you might want to turn off that person’s cat and emotions and even cut off the whole chat. Conflict prevention is the best way to ensure that you do not cross the border and will not be subject to further bans in the future.

Improving your in-game behavior and following the columnist’s code will affect your account and contribute to its long-term reputation.

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