Hello, player. Want to know how to change the Steam username in your device in a few minutes? If so, we wrote this article for you. And in this article you will learn all about changing usernames into pairs. Then, without wasting time, let’s get to work.

How to change a pair’s username [Fully Manual]

How to change a couple's username

Steam is a popular distribution service for digital video games published by Valve and launched as a separate software client in September 2003. By the way, with this PC game platform you can play, buy and discuss all the games. And if you’re a computer gamer, you can get video games at an affordable price.

When you were a teenager, you wanted to use cool usernames for every account. But when you grow up a bit, you want to change that name, because you now realize that names can mean a lot, or that the name shows your personality. If you have done this and you have a Steam account and you want to change it now, don’t worry, read this article to learn how to change your Steam username.

Before you learn this method, you should know that there is a big difference between your account name and other usernames on a digital platform. In the case of a couple account, you cannot change the name of an account that is a number, but your username for the couple can be changed, and anyone can see this name in your profile.

How to change the user name of the steamship

The profile name or username for your password is completely different. Everyone can see this username at the top of the page or in the top right corner. Your friends will use this name to find you in the game or to contact you. So you need to be sure you want to change your name.

  • You must first login to your Steam account and then select your current Steam username to change. The username is on the top right.
  • Then click View Profile from the drop-down menu.
  • The next step is to click on the Edit Profile button on the right.

How to change a couple's username

  • You must then enter your existing username so that the pair can change it.
  • Now just select the option Save changes below to save it.

You can now see that your profile name or username has been successfully changed in your Steam account. Everyone can then see and log in.

Tips for pair users

If you change the name of your profile to Steam, you can also change other elements of your profile on Steam. You can choose to display your real name, change your avatar, and assign a custom URL and country to your profile. In addition, you can link your Facebook account to your Steam Profile, add a short description of yourself and create a group that you belong to the main group.

Your avatar and profile name in Steam represent you in the Steam community. With his help you can convey your playfulness, creativity or any element of your personality. Choose your name carefully, because everyone at Steam will contact you under that name.

Last words:

If you have read the whole article, I can tell you that you now know how to change the username of a few people in a few steps. Changing your username or profile name in Steam is not difficult once you know it. If in doubt, you can indicate that below. You can share this article with your friends who use Steam and want to know how to change their username to Steam. And thank you for visiting our website.

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